[maplab-users] mapbrowser - zoom to active layer extend

Bernd Deckert
Tue, 5 Dec 2000 19:16:58 +0100
Hey "maplab users",

I tried to get "zoom to active layer" function to work in "mapbrowser" but
without success.

I've tried it on serveral layers who have differents extensions (I verfied
it with a GIS-Software).
It shows me always the same extensions than before...

Any ideas or explanations.


i've tried with rc2 and rc3

on :
apache and IIS
PHP 4.2.2
PHP/Mapscript ""

mozilla 1.0 and IE 6.0

PS : I want just add that maplab is really a great and complete tool. I use
it for an cartographic intranet of a french governmental agency.
Any other french maplab user on this list ?

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