[maplab-users] cannot see reference map

Paul Spencer
Thu, 08 Aug 2002 09:26:26 -0400

the first problem definitely seems to be a configuration problem, most 
likely in your maplab.xml file.  Can you send me your maplab.xml file?

Paul Spencer
Applications and Software Development
DM Solutions Group

Mark Balman wrote:
> Hi all
> Slowly getting there.. although I am stumped as to why I cannot get the
> reference map, scalebar and legend items to show in mapbrowser. These are
> written to the /ms_tmp/ directory but alas I cannot solve how to get them to
> display. Also, I am trying to get to two geotiffs to display when they are
> selected respectively. I can get one to display fine but when selecting the
> other, the first one is redisplayed even though the second one has been
> written also to /ms_tmp/ directory... any ideas would be most welcome.
> Cheers
> Mark Balman
> Database/Support Analyst
> BirdLife International
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> Girton Road
> Cambridge
> CB3 0NA
> Tel 01223 279838
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