[maplab-users] few problems trying to configure maplab

Jeff McKenna maplab-users <>
Fri, 05 Jul 2002 10:31:04 -0400

For the next release this error message will be suppressed (it will appear in
the right-hand corner with the other warnings), however it is still a
configuration issue with your machine - the web server user does not have delete
permissions for that folder.


mahmoud tavakoli wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> thank to your help I fixed the permissions, however I
> still get this error message every time I go to map
> browser, every thing apparently works fine in the map
> browser, but on the top I get this error message:
> Warning: Unlink failed (Permission denied) in
> C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\CoastalAtlas\tools\maplab\maplab-2.0rc1\htdocs\mapedit\preview.php
> on line 264
> thnx for your help
> Mike


Jeff McKenna
GIS Specialist
DM Solutions Group Inc.

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