[maplab-users] dropdown list and direct value entry

Paul Spencer
Fri, 12 Jul 2002 14:07:10 -0400
Thanks Peter, I've entered this as a bug and we will address it soon.


Paul Spencer
Applications and Software Development
DM Solutions Group

Bruton, Peter wrote:

>There seems to be a problem with property specification for those properties
>that have both a drop-down list of preset values and direct entry through a
>text entry box.
>I added a Label object to a class.  When I specified the Size property I
>selected one of the options (SMALL) from the drop-down list.  I decided to
>change the Size value by entering an integer value in the text entry box
>(20).  After clicking on the Apply Changes button, the integer value was not
>saved.  SMALL appeared in the text entry box.
>All properties that have both the drop-down list and direct entry in the
>Label object form have the same behavior.
>A work around does exist.  Integer values for Size can be entered directly
>in the map file via the Edit Source button.   After entering the Size value
>in integer format and pressing the Apply button, the Size in integers
>appears in the Label object's Size property.
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