[maplab-users] Rosa vs HTML mode
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 10:44:19 -0400
Hi all,

Question on Rosa vs HTML mode maps.

1) will GmapFactory support generating apps the can be switched 
between Rosa and HTML by the web user?

2) looking at the code for <application name>.php in function 
drawMainMap() there is an if ( $nRosa ... block and in the else 
section you have:

        // otherwise draw a regular map
        printf ( "<td bgcolor=\"#ffffff\" width=\"%d\" 
height=\"%d\">", $oMap->width, $oMap->height );
        printf ( "<input type=image 
src=\"drawmap.php?PrevStateKey=%s\" border=0 width=\"%d\" 
height=\"%d\" name=\"mainmap\"></td>", $PrevStateKey, $oMap->width, 
$oMap->height );

It seems strange that you call drawmap.php here instead of say 
drawmap.phtml as your convention seems to be that *.php files are 
includes and *.phtml files are files that get executed directly.


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