[maplab-users] configuration trouble

Jeff McKenna maplab-users <>
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 12:05:27 -0400
Hi Mike,

I am testing on a Win2K-IIS machine as well.  In the configuration editor, if I
don't change the parameter "maplab.xml path:" in the MapEdit tab and leave it as
"MUST CHANGE" I get your problems - all icons greyed out except "Open Map File",
and the file browser opens to c:/.../common/file_browser.  Can you verify that
you have set the maplab.xml path in the MapEdit tab?  Thanks.  In my case if I
set the maplab.xml path to c:/msapps/maplab-2.0rc2/config/maplab.xml the
problems go away.


"Adair, Mike" wrote:
> Hi
> I'm having a little trouble getting MapLab configured correctly.  The
> symptoms are:
> - config Info reports all green checkmarks (except for GIF support)
> - when I try to do MapEdit, all buttons except "openMap" are greyed out
> - when I click on OpenMap, it points to the directory
> c:/maplab/common/file_browser, which isn't the directory I specified in the
> config as file browser root ("c:\") and I can't browse the directory either.
> I am working on Win2k workstation with IIS.
> I suspect it is a permission problem but I am having trouble tracking it
> down.  Any ideas?
> Michael Adair
> Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
> email:
> phone: (613)947-1342
> Try out the Quicklook Swath Browser:


Jeff McKenna
GIS Specialist
DM Solutions Group Inc.

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