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Vincent Schut
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 09:15:03 +0200
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Sorry, I guess i did something wrong when i had to confirm my subscribtion.=
When I found out I could check the subscribers list, i did and i didn't fin=
d =0D
my own name there...=0D
subscribed again, the list seems to work properly for my now.=0D
All people sending double messages to me & list etc.: thanks.=0D
On Thursday 18 July 2002 16:04, Daniel Morissette wrote:=0D
> Vincent Schut wrote:=0D
> > I have serious reasons to think this list is not properly working (at=
> > least not for me), therefore a test-mail...=0D
> >=0D
> > Sorry for the inconvenience when it appears to work for you and all of=
> > you see this spam...=0D
> Vincent,=0D
> Can you please be more specific on the exact problems?  Did you ever=0D
> receive any message?  Did you miss only a few?=0D
> You should have received two copies of my replies to your other=0D
> questions on this list this morning: one sent to you directly, and one=0D
> sent by the listserver... did you receive both?=0D
> I checked the maillog on the list server and it seems that the messages=
> were delivered to you succesfully, at least this morning:=0D
>   Jul 18 09:55:37 www3 sendmail[16083]: g6IDt2m16081:=0D
>   to=3D<>, delay=3D00:00:35, xdelay=3D00:00:01,=
>   mailer=3Desmtp, pri=3D591400, [],=0D
>   dsn=3D2.0.0, stat=3DSent (Ok.)=0D
> If you received duplicates of those messages then all is fine, if not=0D
> then I would suggest that the problem may be with the relay,=
> but I may be wrong.  Does this relay have any kind of spam filtering=0D
> that may discard list messages?=0D
> Also, has anyone else noticed similar problems with this list?=0D

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