[maplab-users] About using Rosa on MapLab using non-gif support MapScript.dll

Hisaji ONO
Thu, 25 Jul 2002 02:33:31 +0900
Thank you for your response, Paul.

 I set follwing, but sill I got white blank image.

 Out side of MapLab, for example on gmap, I could use Rosa on same IE.


> Hisaji, there are two possible causes, the most likely being that a PNG
> image is being generated. ROSA, being a Java applet, doesn't support PNG
> in all except the most recent JDK or JRE. If you are not using GIF, then
> you will need to use JPEG. You can do this by specifying JPEG in the
> maplab preferences or as the IMAGETYPE in your mapfile. I would think
> that using IMAGETYPE would be better because it would create the map
> image in JPEG which would make ROSA happy, but you could then use PNG
> for other images.
> Cheers,

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