[maplab-users] Question about MapBrowser and Netscape

Tweedy, Scott
Tue, 25 Jun 2002 10:41:49 -0400
OK, great.  Let me know when this change is incorporated.


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Hi Scott,

Thanks for pointing that out, we missed that one (too much testing in IE I
guess).  We'll get this fixed as soon as possible.


"Tweedy, Scott" wrote:
> I'm using Netscape 4.79 on a Windows NT server to user MapLab.  I want to
> ask a question about the Data Stores Frame.  I don't have any servers
> so I get the default text "No servers have been added.  Click here to add
> server".  When I click, the child window that's produced (Titled Manage
> Servers) remains blank.  I tried this in IE and it seems to work fine.  Is
> this a known problem?


Jeff McKenna
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DM Solutions Group Inc.
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