[maplab-users] problems with all 4 versions

Paul Spencer
Mon, 04 Nov 2002 16:40:23 -0500
Nick, sorry that you are having a frustrating experience.  We are keen 
to get you running with the latest version, which is the 'dev' version 
on the downloads page.

> Version 3 & dev:
> -These kept saying that "my session had expired" (in
> mapbrowser, mapedit and gmapfactory.) I removed the
> part of the globalprefs.php file that caused the
> $gbVoidSession to be set to true (seemed like some
> sort of security precaution - wasn't present in rc1 &
> 2.) I was then able to launch mapbrowser and mapedit.

This is a security precaution as you thought.  It is supposed to catch 
problems with expired sessions, invalid session ids and connecting to a 
session from a different IP address than it was initialized from.  You 
can disable this without too many problems I would think, but it also 
should work.  I have noticed this problem on occasion but it only 
happens sporadically and only the first time I change to MapEdit or 
MapBrowser, if I follow the links it then seems to work.  But I haven't 
figured out if it is a problem or not.

One thing that can affect this is the session.save_path but on a linux 
system this should be okay.

Also, which browser are you using? I wonder if that affects it?

> -The filebrowser always defaults to the /htdocs/common
> folder, even though my configuration file was changed
> to the root maplab directory. I verified a dozen times
> or so that my configuration setting were saved and
> correct. (I looked at the xml files themselves too)

um.  The filebrowser normally defaults to /htdocs/common when something 
is configured wrong.  Can you send me your configuration files (xml) please.

> I am running:
> Slackware Linux 8.1
> Apache 2.0.43
> php 4.2.4(latest) compiled --with-gd --with-dbase
> --with-ttf --enable-gd-native-ttf --with-regex=system
> ...
> MapServer version 3.6.3
> from installation info screen in MapLab:
> -All of the above work fine together (have run the
> GMap demo wothout any problems.)
> -I even set the file/ folder permissions to 777 (which
> I shouldn't do - but am frustrated, hehe) for the
> entire maplab folder & contents.
> -The installation information in Maplab has all green
> checks.
> -php.ini has dl enabled &
> allow_call_time_pass_reference = on.

you should be able to set all_call_time_pass_reference to Off in rc3 and 
the dev version.

> Cookies, sessions work in other apps just fine

we have removed cookies as the method of propogating the session due to 
security, stability and performance concerns, so that should have no 



Paul Spencer
Applications and Software Development
DM Solutions Group Inc.

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