[maplab-users] maplab/mapserver/PHP-mapscript function to search a object

Andreas Berweger BHA AG
Thu, 3 Oct 2002 20:44:26 +0200
Hello together

For first excuse my english. i'm from switzerland and im speaking a bad
english but well german.
im working on a project for little communes and there internet-maping.

- i'm using maplab v2.0-rc3, mapserver 3.6.2 with OGR support and PHP 4.2.2
on windows
- my data commes from mapinfo Ver 6.0 and im using the tab files with OGR

first i have to say that maplab and mapserver are working very fine on my
system. maplab is easy to use and understand. The application i've made is
temporaly browsable at

now my question:

I have to made a textbox at the bottom of the legend. The user could input a
parcell-number and klick on search. now (i hope it would be possible)
mapserver/maplab had to search for this parcell in the Layer
"Liegenschaften"(=parcells in german) and zoom on it. Thats all :)
"liegenschaften" is a polygon layer with the attributes parcell-number and
area from mapinfo/OGR. You see im not so familar with PHP and mapscript.

I hope you could help me an give me some hints. when i have forgotten
something or you need data to help me i could give you ...

Thanks a lot and good night

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