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Paul Spencer
Mon, 07 Oct 2002 21:58:32 -0400

cool app :)  I think I can help point you in the right direction.  My 
appologies if there is too much detail here and you have already figured 
some/all of this out.  I am hoping to also help others who may not have 
tried to customize their gmapfactory application.

Let's assume that your application is called MyApp and is in a directory 
called MyApp under maplab-2.0rc3/projects/gmf_apps/MyApp/.

The main user interface file is called MyApp_contents.php.  You will add 
your new input box to this file in the appropriate location.  It should 
be easy to determine where to put it, there are comments ;)

The next file of interest is called MyApp.php.  This is the main file 
that does all the work for navigation among other things.  In here are a 
series of if() statements that check for various modes of navigation 
that the user could have performed.  You will add an if() here something 

if ( $http_form_vars["parcel-number"] )
	// the parcel number to query for
	$szParcelNumber = $http_form_vars["parcel-number"];

	// the current extents will be the default if we fail.
	$oExtents = $oMapSession->oMap->extents;

	//first we need a handle on the layer, let's assume that we have
	//it's name
	$oParcelLayer = $oMapSession->oMap->getLayerByName( "Parcels" );

	// set up the layer for a query in ms 3.6 - in 3.7 we don't need
	// to do this, we can just use querybyattribute.  Here we assume
	// that the data file associated with the layer has an attribute
	// called parcel_number that we are querying.
	$oParcelLayer->set( "FILTERITEM", "parcel_number" );
	$oParcelLayer->setFilter( $szParcelNumber );
	// use querybyattribute to generate the result, assume a single
	// one for simplicity but this can be extended to multiple
	// results easily
	$oParcelLayer->queryByAttribute( MS_SINGLE );

	//now check to see if there are any results?
	if ($oParcelLayer->getNumResults() > 0 )
		//at least one result, assume only one for this example
		$oResult = $oParcelLayer->getResult( 0 );
		//oResult is a resultCacheMemberObj
		$oShape = $oParcelLayer->getShape( $oResult->tileindex,
						   $oResult->shapeid );
		$oExtents = $oShape->bounds;

		//at this point we might add a buffer to the extents
		$nXBuffer = ( $oExtents->maxx - $oExtents->minx )*0.05;
		$nYBuffer = ( $oExtents->maxy - $oExtents->miny )*0.05;
		$nMinX = $oExtents->minx - $nXBuffer;
		$nMaxX = $oExtents->maxx + $nXBuffer;
		$nMinY = $oExtents->miny - $nYBuffer;
		$nMaxY = $oExtents->maxy + $nYBuffer;
		$oExtents->setExtents( $nMinX, $nMinY, $nMaxX, $nMaxY );

	// now use $oMapNavigator to navigate to the parcel
	// location.  There are two useful options now.  We
	// can zoom to a rectangle which we have calculated or
	// to a point and scale.  Let's assume we have calculated
	// a rectangle and put a buffer around it if necessary.
	$oMapNavigator->zoomRectangle($oExtents->minx, $oExtents->miny,
				      $oExtents->maxx, $oExtents->maxy);

	// alternately if it's a point and a scale ...
	// $oMapNavigator->zoomScale( $nScale, $nX, $nY );

The $oMapSession and $oMapNavigator are MapScript wrapper objects that 
we created to make working with a map object simpler for us, they can be 
found in the wrapper directory of your app.  The documentation for 
MapScript itself can be found at:

Daniel has also mentioned that you should get the old GMap demo and look 
for GMapDumpQueryResults() for some related ideas to working with 
queries.  You should find it at

For questions like this, you may get faster response by posting to the 
mapserver-users mailing list, its very active and responsive ;)



Andreas Berweger BHA AG wrote:
> Hello together
> For first excuse my english. i'm from switzerland and im speaking a bad
> english but well german.
> im working on a project for little communes and there internet-maping.
> - i'm using maplab v2.0-rc3, mapserver 3.6.2 with OGR support and PHP 4.2.2
> on windows
> - my data commes from mapinfo Ver 6.0 and im using the tab files with OGR
> first i have to say that maplab and mapserver are working very fine on my
> system. maplab is easy to use and understand. The application i've made is
> temporaly browsable at
> ingen.phtml
> now my question:
> I have to made a textbox at the bottom of the legend. The user could input a
> parcell-number and klick on search. now (i hope it would be possible)
> mapserver/maplab had to search for this parcell in the Layer
> "Liegenschaften"(=parcells in german) and zoom on it. Thats all :)
> "liegenschaften" is a polygon layer with the attributes parcell-number and
> area from mapinfo/OGR. You see im not so familar with PHP and mapscript.
> I hope you could help me an give me some hints. when i have forgotten
> something or you need data to help me i could give you ...
> Thanks a lot and good night
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