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Paul Spencer
Mon, 07 Oct 2002 21:22:45 -0400
Hi, not sure I understand your question.  Are you using MapLab and have 
generated an application using GMapFactory and it is this application 
which is doing the wrong thing?  Or is it MapBrowser or MapEdit?  Or 
have you built your own app using mapserver and mapscript and want to do 



Jithesh P. Joseph wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm using Mapserver 3.6.2 with PHP-mapscript provided 
> by dmsolutions.
> I'm using point query to get information about some of the layers.
> When I use the query tool, the map zooms out to the initial extent
> eventhough the extent in the query string is different.
> Do I have to change the map file in any sense?
> Hope somebody help!
> Regards
> Jithesh Joseph
> Vice President
> MapTell
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