[maplab-users] Mapfile for a correct legend
Wed, 30 Oct 2002 18:59:54 -0500
I have actually made some changes doing this, but you need to be 
aware the the gmapfactory application depends on the legend to figure 
out what layers to display so some changes will made layers 

I set up a legend_template file that was showed the visible layer 
like a real legend, instead of all possible layers even if they are 
not shown because of scale. The problem I ran into is that as you 
zoom in they did not turn on :(, but I was able to work around this 
problem by emitting a hidden form field to simulate the check box.

The problem I have not been able to resolve it that with my tiger 
map, I have multiple layers name Roads and Highways that are used to 
display these layers with differently at different zoom scales, only 
having the name the same confuses gmapfactory totally!  So avoid 
doing this if you are using maplab.

Enhancement Request: I am moving to a position where simpler is 
better for end-user controls, so I would like to generate Legends 
that are NOT controls. The user can navigate, but can not turn layers 
on/off, that is controlled by the mapfile settings on. I would like 
to have a gmapfactory option to generate this for me.

Enhancement Request: 90% of my applications are the same but with 
different datasets. It would be nice if gmapfactory kept all the file 
names the same in the output directory so it would be easier to diff 
two directories to see what is different and to apply patches to a 
directory to merge my changes into it.

So that this email has wandered a little (a lot?) off topic, it just 
struck a sympathetic cord :)

You guys are doing a great job with maplab. I will be checking out 
RC3 shortly.

-Steve Woodbridge

On 30 Oct 2002 at 16:03, Paul Spencer wrote:

> maplab handles legends using the legend template capability of 
> mapserver.  A GMapFactory application gets a default legend template
> file, you will need to read up on templates on the umn web site if you
> want to modify it's behaviour
> Cheers
> Paul
> Achim Spaeter wrote:
> >>Achim, is this a question about how maplab handles the legend or how
> >> mapserver legends in general are handled?
> > 
> > 
> > How does maplab handle legends?
> > 
> > Can multi class layers come with a correct all color legend?
> > 
> > thanks in advance
> > 
> > Achim Spaeter
> > 
> > 
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