[maplab-users] mapscript_36.dll based issue

Oldes Cokdu
Wed, 2 Apr 2003 10:52:37 +1000
Hi Daniel,

With script_36.dll   I am getting...
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: ms_tokenizemap() in C:\My
GIS\maplab\htdocs\mapedit\mapeditapp.php on line 168
in place of the DM logo (on the right hand side of the MapEdit)  straight
after I open the file...  I dont get these in the _37.dll
P.S. I didn't get thread error message..  It might have been smt else

The aim of my project is to gather a low cost GIS solution and integrate it
to a set of php-based portals runing on linux.. I believe Maplab will work
and do the job as the map editor and browser. However I couldn't find a
vector editing tool yet to complete the solution.
And required DB will be mySQL for integration reasons, on which I did NOT
have time to investigate if maplab would be compatible as the database...

Considering that I am VERY new to php and hand-made gis, this is a
challenging project and I appriciate all kinds of help.

Kind regards


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Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 11:42:43 -0500
From: Daniel Morissette <>
To: Oldes Cokdu <>
CC:, Daniel Morissette
   Paul Spencer <>
Subject: Re: [maplab-users] RE: Maplab-users digest, Vol 1 #177 - 5 msgs

Oldes Cokdu wrote:
> Thanks to you I fixed the URL misshap. I would like to make comment here;
> We are already setting tmp files in the maplab environment setting; Can't
> maplap feed tmp setting in the maplab.xml file into the imagetemp fields
> the map file.  I think this would improve the portability.

Perhaps MapEdit could produce a warning when it notices that the
imagepath/imageurl values in the mapfile differ from the values in
maplab.xml, that would be a good idea actually.

However maplab should definitely not automagically override the values
in the mapfile... magic like this would only lead to more frustrations.
Even if maplab did automagically update the mapfile to make things work
inside maplab, then the same problem with imagepath/imageurl would
happen when you publish the mapfile in a live application.  So we would
get the same questions and complaints from the users, just one step

> Daniel, I switched to mapscript_36.dll but then I started to get thread
> problem.  I am not building the libs so I switched back to _37 because it
> seems handling the thread.   I hope there is not a problem with _37 from
> maplab point of view such as incompatibility!..

Unfortunately there are going to be some problems with php_mapscript_37,
mostly with MapBrowser and GMapFactory.  So you should really stick to
version 3.6

What are those thread problems BTW?

> 3-
> Maplab is a "presentation wizzard" for mapserver spatial data (). How can
> create a mapserver maps? is there an opensource "editor" kind of tool that
> can use to capture and create spatial data (similar to GEOMEdIa
> but opensource)?

Normally people who use MapServer/MapLab already own some spatial data
and a GIS software to work with it.  A few names that come to mind would
be OpenEv ( and Thuban, I know they are
good as viewers but I can't comment on their vector editing capabilties,
I'm sure there are a few others.  Try a search on

 Daniel Morissette     
 DM Solutions Group    

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