[maplab-users] disappearing hostname while trying to create a new map.

Paul Spencer
Fri, 11 Apr 2003 10:07:38 -0400

two ideas:

1. the values of the $_SERVER array are used to compose this URL and 
these values are gathered from the web server.  We know of differences 
between IIS and Apache in this respect, so it is not suprising that 
there would be problems with other web servers.  Please send me a copy 
of the output from <? phpinfo(); ?>  and I will check it.

2. please try the latest nightly build of maplab, we have been working 
on quite a few bug fixes and while I can't bring anything to mind, it 
seems to me that we may have fixed an issue like this recently.



Gardner Lloyd Bickford III wrote:
> Hello everybody,
>   I am new to mapserver and it's friends. I have recently installed 
> mapserver 3.6 on a Win2K Pro machine and maplab 2.0rc4. When I try to 
> create a new map, or browse the tutorial map my browser is redirected to 
> a url that does not include the hostname, in this case 'localhost'.
> The steps I follow to recreate this behavior are:
> Open maplab in a Internet Explorer 6 (http://localhost/maplab/)
> Click the "MapEdit..." link
> Click the "new map" icon at the top fifth from the left
> Type in a new map name ""
> I am then redirected to 
> http:///maplab/mapedit/action.phtml?sid=3e9647d103601&action=new_map&name=/gmap_1/htdocs/ 
> and a "Cannot find server" error message is displayed in the browser.
> I found a message in the archives that suggested this may be related to 
> the $PHP_SELF variable. I thought that perhaps turning 
> "registered_globals = On" may help the situation but the problem 
> persisted. I wrote a simple php script to verify that $PHP_SELF is 
> indeed working: <? echo $PHP_SELF; ?> The output of this script is 
> "/self.php" on this machine. I am using PHP Version 4.3.1 with OmniHTTP 
> 2.10. The documentation available at 
> states that 
> $PHP_SELF should only return the URI and not the hostname as well.
> My php.ini has the following relevant settings:
> error_reporting  =  E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
> register_globals = On
> enable_dl = On
> session.save_path = c:/temp
> session.gc_maxlifetime = 1440
> I have tried with these two options enabled and commented out:
> extension=php_dbase.dll
> extension=php_gd.dll
> Does anyone know what may be causing this? I believe that I followed the 
> installation instructions to the T.
> Thank you for taking the time to read,
>   Gardner
> Gardner Lloyd Bickford III
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> +34 678 83 28 48                - mobile
>  - web
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