[maplab-users] postgis layers

Daniel Morissette
Tue, 02 Dec 2003 00:25:43 -0500
Damian Schroder wrote:

> I cannot thank you enough for atleast responding to this issue and 
> giving me some lead. Like I mentioned before I have posted atleast 3 
> messages about this on both mapsever and postgis list with absolutely 0 
> response. 

Unfortunately you're in a kind of black hole when you ask questions 
involving MapScript and PostGIS on the lists:

- The PostGIS guys don't seem to use MapScript much so they can help you 
only if you have a reproduceable test case that involves the mapserv CGI

- I and the other MapScript developers are not PostGIS experts (like the 
Refractions guys are for instance), so we tend to skip PostGIS related 
questions on the lists because they take too much time for us to answer.

I think you can help us help you by doing a little bit of extra work to 
submit simple reproduceable test case that either involve only the 
mapserv CGI, or involve only a few lines of MapScript.

For instance, I read somewhere in your message that you had to comment 
the $layer->close() call for PostGIS layer queries to work.  This looks 
very much like a bug and you've done a great job of isolating the 
problem... perhaps you could file this one in bugzilla to make sure 
someone addresses it when time permits.


  Daniel Morissette     
  DM Solutions Group    

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