[maplab-users] postgis layers

Paul Spencer
Sun, 14 Dec 2003 22:51:12 -0500
Damian, sorry, I don't have any insight for you on this.  We don't 
really use postgis a lot and it's hard to reproduce this for us 
shapefile guys ;)



Damian Schroder wrote:

> Dear list,
> I have created an application using map lab. Everything works great and 
> I have been able to add some nice customizations.However, when I put 
> postgis layers in the project things start getting unstable.First, in 
> order to get a postgis layer, I had to rem out the $oLayer->close() 
> statement in the function processQuery( layer ) found in the 
> map_query.php (something I'm not comfortable with doing but it 
> works). Everything works perfect except for the drawquery() function 
> found in the drawmap.php, and it only fails part of the time. If the 
> postgis layer is the only active layer the drawquery() will never 
> fail unless the rect box does not intersect a feature in the layer. The 
> same is true if there are two postgis layers, if the rect box does not 
> intersect one layer's features the drawquery() fails. If there is a 
> shapefile layer with a postgis layer this does not happen, it simply! 
> returns no results found for either layer if it was not intersected. 
> However, if a rect box is made too small (in my case 1.5 degrees by 1.5 
> degrees) the drawquery fails. If at full extent the rect box is 
> approximately 115x115 pixels for  a 450x450 pixel map, so the rect box 
> is not tiny.In all this  I am always able to recieve the query results 
> even when the drawquery() fails. I am getting absolutely no response on 
> the mapserver list. My gut tells me it is a mapserver issue (not Maplab 
> or postgis), but I thought maybe someone has successfully used postgis 
> layers with mapsever that could give me some insight.
> Thanks ,
> Damian
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