[maplab-users] how to move from local computer to the web

Tyler Mitchell
Mon, 8 Dec 2003 08:14:49 -0800

Hi Stephen, Congratulations on being able to make the next step!  The
simplest scenario would be to duplicate your ms4w and maplab setups to this
external server - it depends what you mean by external and what kind of
access/permissions you have.  Do you have access to installing programs on
the web server?  I'm assuming you have an account with an ISP that you want
to use which usually is pretty limited.  That could be tricky and not very
profitable, others on the list will probably know better.

There are some mechanisms that would allow you, if possible, to have an
external web page calling on mapserver on another computer - if your
"local" computer is accessible via the internet, this may be the best way
to go.  But, granted, I'm not familiar with your setup.  Let us know some


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To the list

I have been working with ms4w and MapLab using the apache server on my
computer. Now I want to move the present results and future work to my web
site. Can some one on the list point me to instructions on how I set up
mapserver on my external web server.

Thank You

Stephen Wallace


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