[maplab-users] missing symbol selection box

paul oduro
Tue, 09 Dec 2003 11:10:52 -0600

My system specs are as follows:

win 2k svr
apache 2.X
mapserver 4.X
maplab 2.1 (newest off the dm solutions site)
php 4.3.3

I have gotten Canadian map (demo) to work. I get an error message that the 
symbol selection box is unavailable (paraphrase mine). I can select/browse 
the color box, but not the symbol selection box. Is there something I am 
doing wrong?

Also I notice that the zoom out button is activated with a click but the 
zoom in button is activated by clicking and drawing a box. Is that how it is 

Is there a more comprehensive users manual besides that which comes with the 
gmap zip? If not is there one in the works?

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