[maplab-users] Problems with displaying truetype font in ROSA

Fred Warnock
Thu, 23 Jan 2003 13:37:43 -0500
I'm not sure about your problem, but I can help with you text scaling.

based on the mapfile reference for mapserver 3.6,

In the LABEL object there are two attributes, MINSIZE and MAXSIZE

set these to the min and max font sizes mapserver will use for the 
labels, then set SYMBOLSCALE in the LAYER object to the scale at which 
the labels are to be at full (max) size... (I don't know if SYMBOL scale 
is mandatory or not.

I have experimented with this way of doing it, and had measured success. 
If it is important to have your labels appear at certain sizes in 
certain scale ranges, then I'd suggest having several duplicate classes 
set up with different visibility ranges, and the desired label sizes.

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