[maplab-users] ...about importing MAPINFO .tab files, again.

exp ander
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 17:25:43 +0100
Again about MapInfo .tab files.

I've read Daniel Morissette's reply about my question on importing MapInfo .tab files with MapServer / MapLab.

I'm using MapServer 3.6.3 with OGR support (win32 version, and MapLab 2.0 rc3 both running on Apache server and Win2000.

Inside MapEdit, when I want to  modify Layer Objects (or adding new layers) with vector data, only .shp ArcInfo shape files filter dialog appears. 

I thought to use correct version of MapServer (compiled for OGR support) but, evidently, it isn't  my case... 

...and (HONESTLY) I havn't no idea how (and where) to
use "CONNECTIONTYPE OGR" statement in place of "DATA", as Daniel suggested in his Reply...

Some suggestions?



> If you use MapServer/MapScript compiled with OGR support then you 
> do not need to convert your files at all, they will be read 
> directly in their native format (all the DLLs on our download site 
> do include OGR support).
> When you use MapEdit to setup your layer, instead of using a "DATA"
> statement you will have to use "CONNECTIONTYPE OGR" and then set
> CONNECTION to be your TAB filename, e.g.
>     LAYER
>        NAME "Builtup_Areas_tab"
>        CONNECTION "data/tab/"
>        STATUS ON
>        CLASS
>          ...
>        END
>        ...
>     END
> For more information on setting up TAB layers in MapServer, see:
> Daniel
> -- 
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> Daniel Morissette     
> DM Solutions Group    
> ------------------------------------------------------------


> >
> > Well, although I'm still fighting with some troubles in 
> > configuring PHP, before ending to tune MapLab, I wonder (and I 
> > ask to you) which is correct procedure to import Mapinfo (4.x 
> > version)> native .tab files.
> > I'm going to use a very complex structured cartography with many 
> > layers in .tab format: which preliminary procedures are 
> > necessary to work with MapInfo files?
> > Have I to convert / transform these files in any way?
> > Thank you for any help.
> >

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