[maplab-users] Problems with "save as"
Fri, 24 Jan 2003 10:29:36 -0500

A little while ago I upgraded from rc2 to rc3 ... And all mostly seems to be
going ok, except there seems to be a little problem with the "save as"

What happens is that the users browses to the directory where he wants to
save, in our case it's "/home/mapdata/aoc_v3/english" ...

In the filename text box, only the word "english" appears, which is itself
incorrect, I guess it should be blank.

So I remove that, and type in a file name.

Then I get an error that it can't create the file
"/home/mapdata//" ...

As you might have guessed, "/home/mapdata" is the file_browser_root.

For now, we're gonna have users type the path relative to file_browser_root
so "aoc_v3/english/" in the "save as" window, and that works ok.

Anyone run into this? Is this a bug? I'm pretty sure everything else is
configured ok! (There's nothing else to configure that would relate to

Also this looks starngely like the type of problem I was running into when I
tried rc3 with php 4.3 ...


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