[maplab-users] mapfile ... unix format or dos format??

Irvan Kristianto
Wed, 2 Jul 2003 17:42:40 +0700
hello guys.

(i use windows 2000, apache, php , maplab,mapserver)

i had some experience about mapfile editting using mapedit.
first i create some mapfile with dos format (via notepad).
i tried to display map on web with this mapfile ... OK it's work.
then i want to edit mapfile using mapedit.
after i save it , and i tried again to view map on web ... Oh no ... it
doesn't work...
check again ... wierd ... file format change to unix format.
after i change mapfile's format to dos, ... it's work again.

conclusion : mapedit save mapfile on unix format.


(busy fuzzy face)

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