[maplab-users] mapfile ... unix format or dos format??

Irvan Kristianto
Thu, 3 Jul 2003 07:45:39 +0700
hello guys,

i used :

it's OK about those format change. so i must used Unix server to deploy .
now , its work very very well.

my step by step targets are :
1. shapefile on web.
2. mapinfo file on web.
3. postGis deploy.
4. transfer from shapefile and mapinfo file to postgis
5. postGIS data on web.
i used mapinfo before. i my file size about 300-400 Mbytes.
in the future, my plans, bring those file on web. and access freely from

thanks for comment.

Irvan ...

(where is my file??)

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Irvan, MapEdit shouldn't do this.  If it does then it is either a php or 
a mapserver issue.  Can you tell me what version of PHP and mapserver 
you are using please?



Irvan Kristianto wrote:

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