[maplab-users] create new mapfile

Irvan Kristianto
Thu, 3 Jul 2003 07:35:12 +0700
hello guys,

thanks for info. now i understood what extent is.
but still not satisfied yet. it's about X,Y coordinate in extent.
my question, where x,y(0.0) start??? on what units???
in my shapefile, there are some info about the file.
west bounding coordinate, east bounding coordinate, etc.
BUT it's unit in latitude and longitude degree.
so how to convert those number???

finally (and poorly), i opened my shapefile with free arcexplorer.
find its x,y coordinate by placing mouse pointer on left-top and right-
bottom of the screen map. and i note those coordinate.
(funny silly dumb step, i think.)

are there any other step to find out ???



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Hi Irvan,
Your questions about extents are not really specific to MapLab and would 
be best asked in the MapServer list. You might also find answers there 
to your other questions. You can find out what the extent is in the 
MapServer documentation at:

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