[maplab-users] create new mapfile

Dean Gadoury
Wed, 02 Jul 2003 10:17:05 -0400
Hi Irvan,
Your questions about extents are not really specific to MapLab and would 
be best asked in the MapServer list. You might also find answers there 
to your other questions. You can find out what the extent is in the 
MapServer documentation at:

Irvan Kristianto wrote:

>hello all,
>i'm trying create map file with gmap factory and edit with mapedit.
>i had a shapefile, n i want to create its mapfile.
>my question...
>extent ... what is extent?? i thought it is some area coverage from
>shapefile.(minx miny maxx maxy)
>the area that will be displayed.
>and where i can get those parameter?? i tried arcexplorer . dont have a
>or somebody have a procedure to create map file from GIS data (shapefile,
>mapinfo file,sicad,etc ).
>thanks for help.
>(for the love of GOD)
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