[maplab-users] how to run drawmap.php from the command line?

Charlton Purvis
Mon, 14 Jul 2003 18:17:00 -0400
Congratulations.  I answered my own question.

To hand over the GET-variables in interactive mode like in HTTP-Mode
(e.g. your URI is myprog.html?hugo=bla&bla=hugo), you have to call

php myprog.html '&hugo=bla&bla=hugo'

(two & instead of ? and &!)

There just a little difference in the $ARGC, $ARGV values, but I think
this is in those cases not relevant.

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Hi, folks:

I've been romping through the Maplab code and have added another
parameter to the URL to accommodate a FILTER for one of my layers.  It
works great.

I need to create a batch process to hand-off to an animation, and I'd
really like to run w/ the drawmap.php that the initial (in my case)
surge.php creates.

Essentially I'd like to create 125 URL's like


where the TIME value changes.  In other words, I'd like for 125 images
to be created from the command line by iterating through the drawmap.php
code.  Is this a valid approach?  If so, how to launch it?  I run into
non-object errors when it encounters code like $oImage =



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