[maplab-users] Problems with projection & legends

Arthur, John
Thu, 24 Jul 2003 13:42:21 -0700
Good afternoon,

I am having 2 issues with maplab.  One has to do with projection and the
other with legend images.  In my map file I have defined the projection to
be as follows:


This works just fine in the preview and in the MapBrowser.  But throws this
error (got it by cutting and pasting the img src in a browser window):
"Fatal error: MapServer Error in msProcessProjection(): projection not named
in /wwwroot/htdocs/maplab/projects/gmf_apps/tmobile/wrapper/map_session.amp
on line 745"
But, I don't receive this error if I use a one line type of projection i.e.
"init=epsg:26918" or "proj=latlong".  And this only applies to the overall
MAP projection... multi-lines work fine in the individual layer projections.
Also, the tutorial legend show just fine in gmapfactory, but with my map
file I get broken images with the src of
".  Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong?
My setup is as follows:
Red Hat Linux 7.3
Apache 2.0
PHP 4.3.2

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John Arthur

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