[maplab-users] gmap factory

Daniel Morissette
Fri, 25 Jul 2003 16:34:58 -0400
paul oduro wrote:

> Daniel
> Thanks for the suggestion:
> 1.   I tried to create/deploy my maplab app using gmapfactory. The 
> mapfile I created in mapedit loads fine. Once it loads in gmapfactory 
> the info bar (bottom left corner of internet explorer says "Applet Rosa 
> applet started".
> 2.   I then tried to change the map title from untitled to Demo. After 
> entering "demo" in the text field and clicking the apply button, the 
> message at the bottom left corner is "error on page". I can zoom in and 
> pan the map I have but just can't make any modifications to the 
> application within gmapfactory.

So IE really says "error on page" ... that's useful!  I use Mozilla and 
it has a Javascript log window where detailed Javascript errors can be 
found.  Hopefully IE also has an equivalent as well where you can find 
what the actual error message is.

  Daniel Morissette     
  DM Solutions Group    

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