[maplab-users] Problem with env var HTTP_SELF

Luis Diego Espinoza Sanchez
Tue, 10 Jun 2003 18:37:37 -0600
Hello all,
I have a additional "l"  (el) in the url path of the build map process.
My URL is something like this:
HTTP_HOST = localhost
PHP_SELF = l/maplab-2.0-release/...

I don't know when the maplab set the session var with the "l" before
the path, then the system can't find the host.

I thing somewhere is loosing the /var/www/htm and takes only the last "l".
Any idea where I cant find the problem?

If you want, you can try this URL, not always up.

Some objects (include the map itself), the html code try to find them in:
                                  |- With this "l", the URL doesn't exists

Best regards,
Luis D. Espinoza

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