[maplab-users] Couple Problems

William Carty
Sat, 01 Mar 2003 12:04:09 -0500

I'm trying to get Maplab going & have run in to a couple of problems...

Running on RedHat 8, Apache 2.0.40-8 (from RPM), PHP 4.3.1 (compiled as 
cgi), Mapserver 3.6.4.

1.  Map Edit:  For some reason, an 'l' is being appended to the end of 
my hostname.  I access Maplab via http://stage/maplab/htdocs.  When I 
try to open a map, or create a new one, Map Edit tries opening 
http://stagel/ instead of http://stage.  Furthermore, subsequent 
requests append yet another 'l' to the hostname (e.g., it becomes 
http://stagell/).  I've checked the config files & don't see any 
reference to this 'l', so I assume it's in the javascript somewhere? 
Where might I start looking for this?  (searching the archives for 
'hostname l' has proven to be a bit of a kludge).

2.  Map Browser & GMap Factory return "Premature End of Script Headers" 
when trying to access anything via those interfaces.  In my apache error 
log, I'm seeing "[Sat Mar 01 11:44:22 2003] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: php, referer: 
http://stage/maplab/htdocs/mapbrowser/appframeset.phtml".  I have PHP 
configured & working properly for every other app I'm running on this 
box (e.g., normal php scripts, Mapserver demo, etc).  I've set this up 
per the Maplab docs (compiled, configured, etc), but am I needing to do 
anything else?  Give any certain maplab directory execcgi permissions in 


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