[maplab-users] Couple Problems

Paul Spencer
Mon, 03 Mar 2003 17:51:11 -0500
William, there is a problem in PHP 4.3.[0|1] on Linux that causes the 
value of PHP_SELF to be invalid.  It appears to be okay on windows 
systems and is apparently fixed in PHP cvs (to be PHP 4.3.2 I think). 
Search mapserver-users list for correspondance pertaining to this).

MapLab uses PHP_SELF to construct a valid URI (you can grep the maplab 
source for PHP_SELF to find out where).  There was a suggested 
work-around in the mapserver-users mailing list that involved installing 
an 'auto-prepend' file through php.ini that fixed the value of PHP_SELF.



William Carty wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to get Maplab going & have run in to a couple of problems...
> Running on RedHat 8, Apache 2.0.40-8 (from RPM), PHP 4.3.1 (compiled as 
> cgi), Mapserver 3.6.4.
> 1.  Map Edit:  For some reason, an 'l' is being appended to the end of 
> my hostname.  I access Maplab via http://stage/maplab/htdocs.  When I 
> try to open a map, or create a new one, Map Edit tries opening 
> http://stagel/ instead of http://stage.  Furthermore, subsequent 
> requests append yet another 'l' to the hostname (e.g., it becomes 
> http://stagell/).  I've checked the config files & don't see any 
> reference to this 'l', so I assume it's in the javascript somewhere? 
> Where might I start looking for this?  (searching the archives for 
> 'hostname l' has proven to be a bit of a kludge).
> 2.  Map Browser & GMap Factory return "Premature End of Script Headers" 
> when trying to access anything via those interfaces.  In my apache error 
> log, I'm seeing "[Sat Mar 01 11:44:22 2003] [error] [client 
>] Premature end of script headers: php, referer: 
> http://stage/maplab/htdocs/mapbrowser/appframeset.phtml".  I have PHP 
> configured & working properly for every other app I'm running on this 
> box (e.g., normal php scripts, Mapserver demo, etc).  I've set this up 
> per the Maplab docs (compiled, configured, etc), but am I needing to do 
> anything else?  Give any certain maplab directory execcgi permissions in 
> httpd.conf??
> Thanks!
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