[maplab-users] MapScript Backwards compatibility?

Tweedy, Scott
Mon, 3 Mar 2003 10:24:38 -0500
I have a question regarding the new object model in MapScript_37.  As part
of a computer upgrade I decided to install MapServer 3.7 along with php4.3.1
and MapLab 2.0rc3 with MapScript_37.  After installing all that I saw that
some of the functions on existing Web pages weren't working.  After going
through the documentation for MapScript_37 I understood why.

In my code I have references to the size member of the ClassObj Class.  In
the hierarchy of MapScript_37 this member has been moved to the StyleObj
Class.  Are there plans to make MapScript_37 backwards compatible with older
versions of MapScript, or should be rewrite older code?

Thanks in advance,

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