[maplab-users] Installation of MapLab 2.0rc4 - strange behaviour

Tweedy, Scott
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 15:26:01 -0500
I installed MapLab 2.0rc4 and I started getting seeing some weird behaviour.

I'm currently using Windows 2000, IIS 5.0, PHP 4.3.1, MapServer 3.6.4 (or
3.7, I tried both).

At first when I loaded MapLab I saw the following error message.

Warning: mkdir(c:/winnt/temp/sess_3e6cece6ed637) [function.mkdir]: File
exists in D:\maplab\htdocs\common\session\session.php on line 141

The error message went away when I changed the session.auto_start value in
my PHP.ini file (which was set to 0 by default) to 1.

Then when I loaded MapLab in IE6.0 and tried to open a file the file browser
opened in the wrong directory.  It's opening within the MapLab file
structure in the maplab/htdocs/common/ folder instead of the directory that
I defined in the XML file.

How can I get MapLab to start browsing the correct directory?

Thanks in advance,

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