[maplab-users] MapLab doesn't work!

Vincent Schut
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 09:05:59 +0100

There have been (at least) 2 threads on the mapserver-users list recently that 
could be of interest to you: one with the subject 'PHP version and Maplab' 
and another one with the subject 'Help! Bug in PHP 4.3.x ???', which also 
presents a workaround to the php_self problem. I've read somewhere this is 
fixed in php-cvs and php 4.3.2-rc1, so if you don't care about ultimate 
stability, you could upgrade to that. If you do a search on the 
mapserver-users mailing list (you can search from ) on 'php_self' 
you might find a couple more references.

If you still get errors, please report them a bit more specific.
Btw, I suppose you *have* checked that mapserver and php_mapscript do work 
properly, e.g. by running the mapserver demo or some other app you know to 
work? If you have doubts about your installation of mapserer & co, you could 
check the mapserver wiki page called mapserver 3.7-dev and redhat 8.0 (or 
something similar, go to the wiki, the 'mapserver installation', and it's 
supposed to be there somewhere). It gives the complete log of a succesfull 
installation of mapserver and all its supporting programs on a modern linux 
system (RH 8, but could just as well be Mandrake 9 or similar). It might give 
you a hint about php compilation options etc.

Good luck!

Vincent Schut.

PS if you appear to have mapserver-problems instead of maplab problems, please 
post them to the mapserver-users list.

On Monday 17 March 2003 18:22, Matt Doggett wrote:
> I'm a new MapServer user trying to learn the system.
> Running: RH8.0, Apache2, PHP 4.3.1, MapServer 3.6.
> Just installed Maplab, followed installation instructions exactly and
> still can't get it to run.  The installation goes fine, and the server
> information report shows "green checkmarks" for everything but when I
> actually try to run the application I'm seeing all kinds of problems
> like:  PHP fatal error: Unable to open ... , Unknown(),  File not found,
> etc.
> I have found references in the archives that MapLab will not work with
> PHP4.3.1 ...something to do with PHP_SELF but I can't find any more
> specifics.  Can anyone give me more details about what I can do to get
> this working?
>  Thanks.
> Matt
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