[maplab-users] more path problems

Matt Doggett
Fri, 28 Mar 2003 11:57:42 -0800
Couple of example where the incorrect pathname is used to reference a

Trying to create a new mapfile.
1. Open MapEdit and click on new mapfile button.
2. Window opens and I navigate to the location and enter a filename.
3. Error window opens declaring that 
Can't create filename ('/home/precip///forages/www/')

The filename that is supposed to be created should be called
'/home/precip/forages/www/'.  Somehow there are two extra /
symbols placed in the name.  In the maplab.xml file the
file_browser_root is set to '/home/precip'.  

Another example,
1. Start MapEdit and open existing mapfile called
2. Select GMapFactory.
3. In the QuickLaunch window, the map file is incorrectly referenced as

Again, notice the extra '/' symbols between the file_browser_root, the
path to the mapfile, and the mapfile itself.

This looks like a bug to me...or maybe it's just me? :)


Matt Doggett
Spatial Climate Analysis Service
Oregon State University
316 Strand Ag Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331

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