[maplab-users] logical operators

panos pan
Tue, 11 Nov 2003 10:08:59 +0000
In MapLab , Map Edit Functionality , for a specific layer
Working Environment WINDOWs 2000, Internet Exporer 6.0
I am trying to built a query in the Expression (i try to avoid regular 
It seems that not all the logical operators work fine.
The ClassItem is named Fips_code and is a string.
It works fine for :
("[Fips_code]" eq "AS")
or  for the foillowing expression
("[Fips_code]" != "AS")

but It doesn't work for Operators Greater Than (GT, >)
Less Than  (LT, <)...etc
I cannot find how the operator LIKE or any masks (*, ?) can function well!

Thank you for your help

Panagos Panos

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