[maplab-users] new gmf application not logging anything

Matt Doggett
Tue, 25 Nov 2003 10:05:19 -0800
Ack! Pulling my hair out on this one.
In globprefs.php I've set the log level to LOG_ALL

$gLogFile->setMaxLogLevel( LOG_ALL );

Everything else is the default settings that GMapFactory produces for my
gmf_app.  The problem log file! Nothing.  It's supposed to be in
the /ms_tmp directory but it's not. I can find all the maps/images
(Mapserver otherwise works fine). However, I'm trying to customize my
application and need to check the logs but it simply isn't there.  The
funny thing is I have an older gmf_app I've been running for a while and
it DOES generate log entries. I can't figure it out.
Any suggestions on this one?


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