[maplab-users] Re: QueryMap Problems

Bob Carr
Wed, 2 Jul 103 08:54:36 -0500 (CDT)
In a message yesterday I described what I thought were problems with
the QueryMap object.  After looking at the GMap demo, I now understand 
there was no problem with QueryMap, and that the map image returned
was intended to be in the main window.  Realizing that, I unset the
QueryMap size definition, allowing it match the main map size.  Adding
a labelitem object to the scalebar fixed the textcolor changes.

MapLab is a great tool.  Thanks for making it available.

Original Message:

> I'm using Maplab 2.01-release (IE 5.5) on a Windows 2000 Dell laptop
> model C640.  Query mode returns dbf attributes in a new window, but places
> the querymap in the main map window.  It also changes the color of the
> label text for the scale bar.

> I've read similar problems described in the mailing list, but none of
> the suggested fixes have worked for me.

bob carr
port washington, wisconsin

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