[maplab-users] problem with symbols

Rémi Baud
Mon, 06 Oct 2003 15:44:17 +0100
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I have a problem when i want to choose a symbol in MapEdit. this error is:

Fatal error: Property 'symbol' does not exist in this object. in
D:\maplab\maplab-2.1-RC1\htdocs\common\picker\symbol_picker.php on line 174

I saw in the forum that it's probabely because I use a higher version than 3.6 of php_mapscript.dll

So i tried with Php_mapscript_36.dll and Php_mapscript_35.dll but that don't work too.

I use Windows 2k, Apache_2.0.47, php-4.3.3, maplab-2.1-RC1. mapserver 4.0
I don't have problems with color_picker, but only with symbol_picker.

- Do you know what's going wrong??
- Otherwise, can you give me a small description of configuration wiich works??

Thank you in advance.
remi baud:

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