[maplab-users] PHP_MapScript_40.dll

Mike Leahy
Sat, 13 Sep 2003 23:27:59 -0400
Out of curiosity...does anybody have an up-to-date object reference for the 
php_mapscript40.dll?  I can't seem to find one on the website, and 
essentially, while this version fixes other bugs I had when using PostGIS data 
with the latest versions of PostGIS, it breaks all sorts of functions in my 
PHP scripts since the PHP Map object structre has been altered along with the 
new Mapserver 4.0 Mapfile structure.


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(appologies for the cross post, but I thought that maybe some 
mapserver-users would be interested)

we have just released MapLab 2.1 RC 1 which adds support for MapServer 
4.0, available on

This is a feature release only, no (significant) bugs were fixed.



Paul Spencer
Applications and Software Development
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