[maplab-users] hi, a simple feasibility question (import maplab4win project on a mapserver enviroment)

Emilio Giulio Orsenigo full.throttle at libero.it
Mon Apr 19 06:26:29 EDT 2004

Hi all,
i have an easy question for the list.
It is a "feasibility" issue; in other words, i just want to say, before 
starting to work on the project, if i *can* effectively do that.
I have the need to implement a map browsing service using maplab and an 
ad-hoc browsing interface, but the problem arise in
building and editing the maps. Due to the enterprise structure and to my 
provider, i'm forced to run mapserver and the interface
in linux enviroment (no problem with that) but i can only use maplab for 
windows (on another pc of course) to build the maps. I've just tried to
export a project (mapfile etc.) to the linux enviroment, but i've got a lot 
of errors (of course...), like undefined calls to some .dll (that of course
are not present in linux enviroment).  In short, i just wanto to know if 
some of you had a working system (or know certainly that it is possible)
in wich maps are created, edited, updated offline in a windows workstation 
with maplab for windows, uploaded to the linuxbox (with mapserver and
custom browsing interface) and then accessed via web with any pc. In the 
case this is not possible, may you suggest me a way to do the
updates offline on a workstation (windows) and publish them in a simple (i 
will not be the responsible for map editing and publishing, that's the
problem) way?
I know that this question maybe stupid, but the answer is not clear from 
the docs (either mapserver and maplab docs) and i'm a relatively newbie
in mapping systems.
Thanks in advance for your precious help :)

Emilio Orsenigo 

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