[maplab-users] ODBC -OGR Connection - OVF file- MapLab

Aldo Tocchio a.tocchio at arpa.piemonte.it
Mon Dec 13 03:59:54 EST 2004

Thanks Zak, Jeff

I have read your replies: I have ovf file in data folder with other shp, 
tif files.
I have my map file in C:\ms4w\apps\maplab-2.2\SIT_BIELLA
I have my ovf file in C:/ms4w/apps/maplab-2.2/SIT_BIELLA/data
my Shapepath is C:/ms4w/apps/maplab-2.2/SIT_BIELLA/data

I tried to install ms4w  e maplab in a other computer but without 
results. what do you suggest me?
-try to delete all and install a previus version
-try to connect to a different database (mysql??) o other
Thanks a lot for your time.

Aldo Tocchio
A.R.P.A. Piemonte
Dipartimento Biella
via Trento, 11
13900 Biella (BI)
tel. 015-35813145 - fax 015-35813181
email: a.tocchio at arpa.piemonte.it

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