[maplab-users] ODBC -OGR Connection - OVF file- MapLab

publi at infonegocio.com publi at infonegocio.com
Mon Dec 13 06:02:28 EST 2004

Hi List,
    I'm working with maplab 2.2 and mapserver 4.2 in a gis application, 
but i have some problems with it. I have implement a search application 
in a map, and it works perfectly but when i do:
    $oMapNavigator->zoomPoint(25, $pxX, $pyY);
    $szCurrentState = $oMapSession->saveState();

only refresh main map and not keymap. How can i refresh both at the same 

In other side, i'm trying to show a point in main map when it find 
something updating data field in layer object, but when i do 
"$szCurrentState = $oMapSession->saveState();" it is not showed. What is 
worng???? How can i refresh de main map????.

Thanks to all, and excuse me for my english.


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