[maplab-users] help for the newbye

Valerio Noti
Thu, 26 Feb 2004 17:51:59 +0100
> > Chameleon still doesn't work
> > I have seen that the rosa applet automatically included in the
> > Gmf_factory applications does not include
> > the measure distance applet, but I read someone was able to include it.
> > I tried to understand how from the list, but I coudn't. A very simple
> > step by step help will be greatly appreciated.
> Rosa is a java applet so you would need to code measure distance
> functionality into it. I don't think that it's built in; can someone
> correct me on this? Maybe someone who has extended it will allow you to
> use their version in your application.

Rosa includes a measure tool controlled by parameters
<PARAM NAME="DIST_MSG" VALUE="Approximative distance: %s km">
and a button TB_BUT_DIST_INPUT
You have to change code in a gmapfactory php core file but I don't know how
to do this in Chameleon.

Hope this help

Valerio Noti

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