[maplab-users] Labeling issue

Zak James zak-ms at hoppsan.org
Fri Jul 9 11:35:23 EDT 2004


I spoke with a windows developer here and he told me that freetype is 
statically linked in to the mapserver binaries we produce for windows, 
so it  wouldn't be a separate dll.

Did you build mapserver from source or are you using a binary version 
like the one found in the ms4w package?

There is a useful (free) tool for windows called dependency walker  
(www.dependencywalker.com) that will show you which, if any, dynamic 
libraries are missing for a given binary. You could just open your 
mapscript dll in this application to see whether there is a problem.

Zak James
Applications and Software Development
DM Solutions Group Inc.

On Jul 9, 2004, at 10:27 AM, kgrootendorst at baird.com wrote:

> Zak,
> My email system prevented me from sending the following message to you
> (but it got posted to the list):
> Is the freetype dll actually called 'freetype.dll'?
> Because  I don't have anything like that on my system (win2000).
> Maybe that's the problem?
> Kevin

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