[maplab-users] Bad path in GMAP?

kgrootendorst at baird.com kgrootendorst at baird.com
Tue Jul 13 11:06:08 EDT 2004

Stumped again.  This time, for some reason, I can't display any map image 
in GMAP factory.
The java console told me it was trying to look for an image at 
'http://localhost', but the images are actually in 
I've reviewed my paths, and I thought everything looked right.   The map 
previews fine in MapEdit.

In my maplap.xml config file, the paths are as follows:
tmp_img_path = C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache2/htdocs/ms_tmp/
tmp_web_img_path = /ms_tmp/

I have ms_tmp defined in my httpd.conf file also.

Any ideas?  This problem just started happening, but I'm not sure what I 
did to cause it.

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