[maplab-users] May be a BUG ????

Yifter Kidane Fikru fikru.yifter at unicatt.it
Mon Jun 14 10:53:13 EDT 2004

Dear all,
Why is ROSA behaviour change when I insert a quick zoom tool to my application:
<SELECT name="comuni" onChange="CommuneSelected()">
   <option align="center">Zoom to Commune</option>
   <option>- - - - - - - - - - - </option>
   <option value="AGAZZANO">Agazzano</option>
   <option value="ALSENO">Alseno</option>
   <option value="ZIANO P.NO">Ziano P.no </option>
in my proj_contents.php?
What happens is the following: without this (select/select) it works fine, I can zoom in and zoom out as I wish 'correctly'. After inserting this quick zoom tool (i also added the necessary codes in my proj.phtml, and proj.php), the zoom gets crazy, zooming relative to the key map incorrectly. I spent days in figuring out this, but now I don-t undertstand why? I am very sure that the problem is no other. Any help is appreciated.
Fikru Yifter
ps. the codes added for quick zoom can be found in one of my previous mails. 
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