[maplab-users] How do you display a layer by attribute?

Ken Sanderson ken at rockies.ca
Fri Jun 25 13:58:39 EDT 2004

Following up my own question. I found a map file on the web and by
looking at what they have done I noticed they had multiple classes,
rather then multiple styles like I was trying. So I did a class for each
value and an associated Style. It works fine as far as displaying the
data, my question now is how do I make it so that the legend doesn't
just show the top value for that layer? In short how can I have a color
for each class listed in the legend under that particular layer?

Thanks again,


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Hello all.

How do you set up a map file through map edit to display a layer by an
attribute value. So for example if I have a field called TYPE and in
that field you can have a value of 1-4. I then want to display all 1's
as red, 2's as blue, 3's as green, 4's as yellow on the map.

How do I go about setting that up? I assumed that I would set ClassItem
to TYPE, but not sure how to go about defining a style object for each
value type could be?



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